Monday, 6 June 2011

An Ode to Pop

Hello! I have drawn a Poppy. That's not the end of the post, but nearly. I have drawn a Poppy because one of my best friends, at age 19, found out her ovaries don't work - HOW SHITTY IS THE WORLD? SUPER DUPER SHITE! But through all of that - she has still been my beautiful shining beacon of red and the rock to me I hope she always will be - I know, I'm a selfish cow....

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Monday, 17 January 2011


My friend and I MIGHT be painting a mural in my spare room, It hinges on permission from my (rather straight laced) partner, aaaand being able to get an image projector from somewhere. I am extreeeeeemly excited about the prospect of this, so excited in fact that I rather want to go and start splatting paint around in there now. Who needs shitty wall decos 'ey? nope, not me...I am an arteeeEEEst!
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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Belated Christmas Post and my love of Glastonbury Village

Okay so this post is about a little make and do related christmas present I recieved... Check out these kits my sister's boyfriend got me from a shop in Glastonbury.

There are two reasons why these were a good present for me, the first is that I absolutely love Glastonbury and they even had that faint incensy (totally just made up a word) smell that glastonbury shops all seem to have. It made me go all weak at the knees with longing for a trawl around all the little shops, have nice vegetarian food in rainbows end cafe and a good stomp up the Tor! Just talking about it is making me want to go there now, I cant explain the feeling that place gives me but I know theres something very special about it. The second reason is obviously because I love a good crafty kit or just really any excuse to make something.

They are so simple and probably cost him about 50p each but yet were probably one of my favourite presents as I really had fun with them, it just shows that it really is the thought that counts. I love the idea of making simple little kits similar to this to sell. (the proceeds went to charity.) Fun, fun, fun!

Let me know if you got at all crafty over christmas.

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