Monday, 28 September 2009

By any other name, would smell as sweet?

Remember those flowers I made? well I FINALLY managed to get round to putting them onto a necklace. et voila;

Here's how I did it
Have you ever seen those chain cutting stations in B and Q? Well the chain is from one of them - which by the way is a lot of fun to use (not that i'm advocating playing with it of course!) and only a couple of quid a metre depending on your choice of chain.

First I clipped six strands of chain of equal length and grouped them into two piles of three.

Unclip the last link on one strand and use it to connect the other two on before bending the link back together. Repeat this for the second pile except for adding a jewellery clip aswell as the other two strands.

I then cut a long ribbon of fabric from the leftovers of the shirt I made the flowers from and wound this in and out of the middle strand of chain securing it at either end with a knot.

The other end of each set of three strands can now be stitched onto the end of the flower decoration, do this either side linking the three strands together using your stitches.

I made two of these, one for myself (naturellement) and one I gave as a gift for a friends birthday.

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Half Finished projects Heaven

image thanks to CosmoPolitician

Well, I am aware that it has been over a week since my last post. I am sorry, please don't stop reading, there is definately more to come. In fact I'm practically drowning in half finished projects over here - so please keep checking! I've also done plenty I could submit to Craftfail if I were that way inclined but I'm just too proud.



Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dutty Rock - I promise It's got nothing to do with Sean Paul

Just wanted to share, I found the coolest little shop the other day. It's called Dutty, they had some really funky clothes and accessories all designed by local designers. The way it works is basically on a sell or return basis. If you're in the Bristol area (it's in Stokes Croft opposite Jesters comedy club) it's a really worthwhile thing to do - if you're creatively minded and can turn your hand to a craft or two! I'm seriously considering it myself. Obviously you have to be good and show an example of your work - so that's if they accept me! Then, if they like your stuff they ask to start with an initial ten pieces as a trial. I love how they emphasize on reuse and recycle, so I'm off down to CLIC for more ugly granny shirt fabric!

Anyway, on to my finds! I bought some sweet little hair clips with buttons on and a really gorgeous floral shirt-dress which I was informed was designed by one of their youngest designers.

Even if you don't fancy making anything for them - it's very reasonably priced and you can almost certainly pick up a unique one-off item of clothing or jewellery to make you stand out on the high street.

Oh yeah, and of course, they're on facebook - check it out!



Saturday, 12 September 2009

M.A.D Mummy

My mum makes quilts, very beautiful quilts. I'm not trying to sell them for her or anything because a) she makes them VERY slowly, and b) She makes them primarily for friends and family. I just wanted to share because I'm proud. Here is one she made for me;

The fabric is not Cath Kidston but I think it has that kind of vintage feel, I chose some of the fabrics myself but mostly they were leftovers from an almost twin quilt which she made for my younger sister.

It is full bed size which is great, but I don't really use it on my bed as it doesn't (yet) go with my colour scheme. I say yet because I have some paisley green Cath Kidston wallpaper just waiting to adorn my bedroom and compliment this quilt perfectly.

When I asked her permission to post this, she wasn't too happy at being referred to as mad, therefore I will just remind you all, as I did her, that its not mad, it is M.A.D (Make and Do).



Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'll bring you flowers...

Once again I have been inspired by the almighty Mrs Priss! Check out these beautiful flowers I made from recycled jewelerey and a very ugly shirt from cancer research (sorry if you are the previous owner.) In the words of Kate Nash " can grow flowers from where dirt used to be."

I wouldn't call them easy to make but they are very simple, and I really had so much fun with them, I am going to put them on a necklace when I can find some suitable chains for the purpose. Go here for Mrs Priss' wonderful tutorial on how to make them.

I may even make my corsages and bouquet for my wedding now!

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Festival Fimo

Can you spot my Fimo creation (see Fun with Fimo) on a Fun, Funky, Festival-goers, Forearm (how much alliteration can we squeeze out of one statement?)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

It's all coming together...

Image thanks to Living with Lindsay

If anyone has been reading since the beginning then you may remember me mentioning about my craft corner. Well it is beginning to take shape, and I'm very excited about it - not least by my Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and Liberty fabric BUNTING yes, that's what I said, Bunting! that I bought at the weekend.

I'm still missing that antique desk to spray silver though...I need to find it soon because the suspense of my half finished craft corner is killing me!

Other than the bunting, one other thing that is to be a feature of this infamous craft corner is my decorative lettering, I bought some cardboard letters for 99p each in creativity and jazzed them up a bit.

The 'A' and 'L' are both done in sticky back plastic from B and Q (blue peter eat your heart out) Then the 'I' is from an old clinique promo wash bag which I totally massacred and used a seam down the middle and some of the lining to create a fringed edge. The 'C' is literally just sprayed silver and the 'E' is Cath Kidston print cut out of one of their catalogues. Can you tell I love Cath Kidston yet?
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