Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dutty Rock - I promise It's got nothing to do with Sean Paul

Just wanted to share, I found the coolest little shop the other day. It's called Dutty, they had some really funky clothes and accessories all designed by local designers. The way it works is basically on a sell or return basis. If you're in the Bristol area (it's in Stokes Croft opposite Jesters comedy club) it's a really worthwhile thing to do - if you're creatively minded and can turn your hand to a craft or two! I'm seriously considering it myself. Obviously you have to be good and show an example of your work - so that's if they accept me! Then, if they like your stuff they ask to start with an initial ten pieces as a trial. I love how they emphasize on reuse and recycle, so I'm off down to CLIC for more ugly granny shirt fabric!

Anyway, on to my finds! I bought some sweet little hair clips with buttons on and a really gorgeous floral shirt-dress which I was informed was designed by one of their youngest designers.

Even if you don't fancy making anything for them - it's very reasonably priced and you can almost certainly pick up a unique one-off item of clothing or jewellery to make you stand out on the high street.

Oh yeah, and of course, they're on facebook - check it out!



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