Sunday, 25 October 2009

Folder Holder and 'How to make a bow'

I made this to go on my desk to hold some of my uni bits, because, organisation is the answer, and I'm not good at I find injecting a bit of pretty into something you're not good at always helps!

Heres how I did it;

Mark a line along the edge of a washing powder or cereal box. Then from this line up to each opposite top corner.

Before cutting using a craft knife.

Then paint the whole thing with a nice thick acrylic - obviously I felt bad painting over Snap, Crackle and Pop's excited little faces, but I quickly got over it.

Cut out a short length and a long length of material, I used the very scientific method of placing the edge I wanted to cover against the material and drawing round it! Always iron it first and stick on using good old craft mount.

Now for the bow attachment;

Take a piece of the same material, I didn't measure it but it was probably about 30cm by 40cm for those that need specifics - this doesn't really matter though as it can be any size you like. Iron it out.

fold inwards, like doors. Lengthways first...and iron again.

Then fold the short ends in. Iron.

Turn the fabric over and fold like this; make sure it goes so that there's an up fold at the centre and down folds at the top and bottom of the bow, I used a kirby grip to hold these folds in place.
Wind some white cotton round and knot before removing the kirby.
To make the centre strut just take a small strip of the same fabric and fold in lengthways and (yes, you've guessed it.) Iron...I'm sure this is this most ironing I've done in years!Wrap it round and make a few stitches before cutting away the excess and sewing round the exposed edge (don't worry you won't see this bit.)
Et voila...

To attach it to your folder holder use a hot glue gun or some strong glue. You could also use these bows to attach to hair clips or Alice bands if you want to use them to jazz up something a bit dull or give it a new lease of life.
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Sunday, 11 October 2009

But who is this creature with terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws?

image thanks to

I'd like to start doing more children related crafts, face-painting, egg box beauties and the like. So, on that note, I give you;

My Gruffalo!

I made him originally to take to interviews as a kind of "look what I can do" type of thing. Then, when I got my job in my current Nursery, he was up on the wall for a while, until he kept falling down and I took him home. Whilst he was up though - the kids loved him and constantly wanted to read the story.
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Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Butterfly effect

Just a little one. I made this cute little butterfly picture. It's to add to my craft corner area - which I think may be ready to unveil within the next month! I finally got my desk! it's a second hand mahogany, but, I can't bring myself to spray it silver - its too beautiful.

Went a little crazy on frames (these I did spray silver) as I want the craft corner to have a 'wall of frame'...stay with me, it will work...I hope.
The one I used is bottom right, one up. Check out the dodgy egyptian papyrus'!. Only one of these frames has been filled so far, but isn't it just darling? I love an excuse to buy pretty coloured card! Once again though I can't take full credit, see the Prisster for the real inspiration

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Love canvas

It was mine and John's anniversary on September the 16th, and he bought me, a canvas. When I say canvas I mean a blank one, the artist shop kind, sealed in its packet, on it's own. Last of the true you can imagine I was a little confused, perhaps it was some kind of profound statement? "Our love is a blank canvas...?" "Yes that's it! that's what I meant!" John hastily agreed.
"So our love is a blank canvas? which I alone need to inject all the colour and life and passion into?"
"Oh actually no...", he says, I didn't mean that"
Basically, he forgot, and his workplace is situated conveniently close to a Gardiner Haskins, which he ran into after work, the night before, and followed this exact thought process;

'Something she'd like.....
Not too expensive....
Oh this'll do, time to go.'

But I had to forgive him in the end, as he did have a BEAUTIFUL big bunch of flowers delivered to my workplace, and I also got champagne (well sparkling wine...) and a lovely meal out.
My flowers:
My 'love' canvas:

I used texture paste to build up the initial heart border (it takes a while to dry).
I then used pearlescent liquid acrylic as an all over wash, using various orange coloured standard acrylics and gold ink to highlight on top.
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Friday, 2 October 2009

Because I can't say it with words...I give you, a card

Cards can say so many things; Thank-you, Congratulations, Happy birthday - and of course, I love you. They are important things too, most people would be quite upset if they didn't recieve a Birthday card from a close friend or relative. So why is it that I ALWAYS either forget, or, leave it til the last minute?

Well it's lucky that, despite this (somewhat scatty) tendency, I have an absolutely humungous collection of crafty paraphanalia in order to make one with!

Oh and of course it's nicer to recieve a made card, with real love in it (as opposed to simply words of love). I know I would appreciate it more, as would, I think, most of the people I know.

Anyway, get to the point I hear you cry, well I made this card for the same friend who received the necklace as a present. It was so easy, and so beautiful in its own simplicity, that I thought I'd share it with you.
I used that natural fibre paper which you may have seen me use before, some decorative butterfly clips and some flower decorations. So simple I barely need to explain, but I will anyway.

I folded out a rectangle of the natural fibre paper and scored it with my nail to make the folds really tightly creased.

I then used these lines to rip along, creating a relatively straight line but with those fluffy torn off edges rather than neat straight lines from using scissors.

finally, I arranged the flowers on top of the natural fibre paper to create the look I wanted and then pushed a butterfly clip through the centre of each flower and secured on the other side. These clips now act as both decoration and a means of securing it.
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