Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Butterfly effect

Just a little one. I made this cute little butterfly picture. It's to add to my craft corner area - which I think may be ready to unveil within the next month! I finally got my desk! it's a second hand mahogany, but, I can't bring myself to spray it silver - its too beautiful.

Went a little crazy on frames (these I did spray silver) as I want the craft corner to have a 'wall of frame'...stay with me, it will work...I hope.
The one I used is bottom right, one up. Check out the dodgy egyptian papyrus'!. Only one of these frames has been filled so far, but isn't it just darling? I love an excuse to buy pretty coloured card! Once again though I can't take full credit, see the Prisster for the real inspiration

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Mrs. Priss said...

hahaha, the Prisster! I love it!

Yours turned out so freaking cute!!