Thursday, 30 September 2010

Get in touch via email with the address you want it sent to! Congratulations! And here's the proof
Phew...that was fun...
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

*** First MAD Giveaway! ***

Get excited guys, this is my first EVER giveaway! remember this necklace? If you want it, it could be yours! Okay so I was supposed to post this on my blogs birthday, but, as per usual, I am woefully unorganised and I TOTALLY missed that one! Anyway, the old google analytics page has been in the red a bit lately so of course I will be shamelessly using this as a chance to spread the word about my blog, which means:

for one entry - comment on this post

for two entrys - tweet about the post and comment leaving your twitter details

for THREE entrys - post about the giveaway on your own blog and comment a link to it

Yes, I am that desperate...oh yeah, the winner will be anounced this time next week and family members are not able to enter! Good Luck!

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Stained glass window card, cookies and apple crumble fail

Recently (well, if you call bank holiday weekend recent) I went on another restorative trip to sheepy ceredigion. I always manage to get something crafty done whilst I'm there. Here however, I have an entire craft ROOM which just gets filled with CRAP and I never touch it! This time I painted my Aunts thankyou card using stained glass window paints and acetate.

I also finally met the children that live down the road (my mum is always talking about them) and I did some cooking with them, we picked apples from the trees around the house to make an apple crumble - which wasn't really that great as we didn't put any liquid in with the apples, used buckwheat flour and accidentely cooked it using the grill for half an hour! but I still pulled my Betty Crocker pose in spite of that. It's a pity I didn't have my apron with me to wear!

The next day I had a more sucessful culinary venture with these cookies, can I just say wow to sophie who created the recipe. I made two giant ones and letter labelled them for the kids (I don't actually have any pictures of this but the effect was created by dusting icing sugar through large block letter shapes cut out of paper - kind of like the coffee bean that starbucks dust on top of a cappuccino!)

Once again though I almost cried when it was time to go home at the end of the weekend - I swear it gets harder to leave every time...We have rescue horses there now too; Blaze and Ellie and Blaze is my baby - he's nearly ready to let me ride him!
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