Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nanny M.A.D

As promised I am taking a much needed break from my dissertation to introduce you to my wonderful, and of course, M.A.D... grandmother!

who made me this stunning apron;

and, reluctantly, the one semi-decent photo of me wearing it out of the roughly one hundred taken (I wish I was kidding)

Things I adore about it are as follows;

♥ The heart shaped pockets

♥ The fact that I ACTUALLY feel like Alice in wonderland when I wear it

♥ The beautiful laura ashley fabric, pink lining and lacy trim

♥ The fact that, although by definition an apron is technically supposed to protect your clothes during home makerish type tasks such as cooking, I don't wear it for any of these because I'd much rather get stains on my clothes...

♥ And of course it's deliciously massive amount of girliness!

Thanks Nanny!

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Mrs. Priss said...

aaaaand, that last comment would be from me, Mrs. Priss/Morgan, not "Mr"

lol. whoops.

Mr said...

How lovely!! I laughed at the thing about how you'd rather get your clothes dirty because isn't that the truth?? Aprons are like fine jewelry to me... and I really only wear them for photos. lol