Saturday, 8 May 2010

My Other Mummy...

Perceptions and experiences of same sex parents' offspring - a two family case study

I am so pleased that effing thing is GONE, all nine thousand, five hundred and thirty five words of it! Let us just hope it comes back to me with news of a first (Yeah right) and that I don't fail anything else and have to repeat...I handed it in on Thursday and we had a champers reception (I am still not drinking since Sweden) but, amongst the politics and future career discussion there was also chocolate and vanilla marble cake, so that lack of champagne wasn't so bad.

I thought I would feel utterly elated at the fact that I am almost completely DONE with uni (I still have early Years professional status to do :-S) but although I was of course in a pretty good mood, I also felt quite empty, like, what now? and totally didn't know what to do with myself on my first evening of freedom - apart from vote. I guess it has just so totally sapped ALL of my energy reserves that it probably will take a while for me to get back on top form.

Bizarrely and slightly worryingly, winning $15 dollars to spend at Little Lovelies etsy shop yesterday (thanks to the lovely Crystal) made me much happier than finishing my dissertation did...but seriously;!
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