Thursday, 8 April 2010

Childhood in Crisis?

the cover of my scrap book entitled "Childhood in Crisis" for the module "Concepts of Childhood."

Really this is just to prove to you that I have not disappeared, am working hard and have merely turned my creative MADness to my academic work instead. I assure when it's all over I'll be putting my heart and soul into M.A.D, finally getting up the piccys of the elusive craft area I've become so fond of bragging about (but has actually just turned into a dumping ground) AND, maybe even start an etsy shop.....?
I love you all for checking me every day even when I'm not posting (god bless google analytics). Also look out next week as I'll try to post another Make and Do family member in the form of my gorgeous grandmother who has made me the most AMAZING apron, remember MAD Mummy?


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