Saturday, 12 September 2009

M.A.D Mummy

My mum makes quilts, very beautiful quilts. I'm not trying to sell them for her or anything because a) she makes them VERY slowly, and b) She makes them primarily for friends and family. I just wanted to share because I'm proud. Here is one she made for me;

The fabric is not Cath Kidston but I think it has that kind of vintage feel, I chose some of the fabrics myself but mostly they were leftovers from an almost twin quilt which she made for my younger sister.

It is full bed size which is great, but I don't really use it on my bed as it doesn't (yet) go with my colour scheme. I say yet because I have some paisley green Cath Kidston wallpaper just waiting to adorn my bedroom and compliment this quilt perfectly.

When I asked her permission to post this, she wasn't too happy at being referred to as mad, therefore I will just remind you all, as I did her, that its not mad, it is M.A.D (Make and Do).



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