Monday, 28 September 2009

By any other name, would smell as sweet?

Remember those flowers I made? well I FINALLY managed to get round to putting them onto a necklace. et voila;

Here's how I did it
Have you ever seen those chain cutting stations in B and Q? Well the chain is from one of them - which by the way is a lot of fun to use (not that i'm advocating playing with it of course!) and only a couple of quid a metre depending on your choice of chain.

First I clipped six strands of chain of equal length and grouped them into two piles of three.

Unclip the last link on one strand and use it to connect the other two on before bending the link back together. Repeat this for the second pile except for adding a jewellery clip aswell as the other two strands.

I then cut a long ribbon of fabric from the leftovers of the shirt I made the flowers from and wound this in and out of the middle strand of chain securing it at either end with a knot.

The other end of each set of three strands can now be stitched onto the end of the flower decoration, do this either side linking the three strands together using your stitches.

I made two of these, one for myself (naturellement) and one I gave as a gift for a friends birthday.

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