Friday, 2 October 2009

Because I can't say it with words...I give you, a card

Cards can say so many things; Thank-you, Congratulations, Happy birthday - and of course, I love you. They are important things too, most people would be quite upset if they didn't recieve a Birthday card from a close friend or relative. So why is it that I ALWAYS either forget, or, leave it til the last minute?

Well it's lucky that, despite this (somewhat scatty) tendency, I have an absolutely humungous collection of crafty paraphanalia in order to make one with!

Oh and of course it's nicer to recieve a made card, with real love in it (as opposed to simply words of love). I know I would appreciate it more, as would, I think, most of the people I know.

Anyway, get to the point I hear you cry, well I made this card for the same friend who received the necklace as a present. It was so easy, and so beautiful in its own simplicity, that I thought I'd share it with you.
I used that natural fibre paper which you may have seen me use before, some decorative butterfly clips and some flower decorations. So simple I barely need to explain, but I will anyway.

I folded out a rectangle of the natural fibre paper and scored it with my nail to make the folds really tightly creased.

I then used these lines to rip along, creating a relatively straight line but with those fluffy torn off edges rather than neat straight lines from using scissors.

finally, I arranged the flowers on top of the natural fibre paper to create the look I wanted and then pushed a butterfly clip through the centre of each flower and secured on the other side. These clips now act as both decoration and a means of securing it.
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