Thursday, 8 October 2009

Love canvas

It was mine and John's anniversary on September the 16th, and he bought me, a canvas. When I say canvas I mean a blank one, the artist shop kind, sealed in its packet, on it's own. Last of the true you can imagine I was a little confused, perhaps it was some kind of profound statement? "Our love is a blank canvas...?" "Yes that's it! that's what I meant!" John hastily agreed.
"So our love is a blank canvas? which I alone need to inject all the colour and life and passion into?"
"Oh actually no...", he says, I didn't mean that"
Basically, he forgot, and his workplace is situated conveniently close to a Gardiner Haskins, which he ran into after work, the night before, and followed this exact thought process;

'Something she'd like.....
Not too expensive....
Oh this'll do, time to go.'

But I had to forgive him in the end, as he did have a BEAUTIFUL big bunch of flowers delivered to my workplace, and I also got champagne (well sparkling wine...) and a lovely meal out.
My flowers:
My 'love' canvas:

I used texture paste to build up the initial heart border (it takes a while to dry).
I then used pearlescent liquid acrylic as an all over wash, using various orange coloured standard acrylics and gold ink to highlight on top.
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