Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'll bring you flowers...

Once again I have been inspired by the almighty Mrs Priss! Check out these beautiful flowers I made from recycled jewelerey and a very ugly shirt from cancer research (sorry if you are the previous owner.) In the words of Kate Nash " can grow flowers from where dirt used to be."

I wouldn't call them easy to make but they are very simple, and I really had so much fun with them, I am going to put them on a necklace when I can find some suitable chains for the purpose. Go here for Mrs Priss' wonderful tutorial on how to make them.

I may even make my corsages and bouquet for my wedding now!

I was inspired



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Mrs. Priss said...

I absolutely LOVE these!! The hidjus pink shirt made for some really gorgeous little flowers, didn't it?

You're a doll!