Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fun with Fimo

Fimo, or as I tend to term it, to those who ask me what it is; ‘adult’s plasticine’, I remember using it when I was really quite young though. My dad used to make all sorts of amazing little knick knacks which I would of course attempt to imitate (I have always been in awe of his artistic talents).

Anyway, six months ago, when I got promoted to room leader at my nursery, I made a few changes to the way things were done (I’ll spare you the gory details) but basically this involved us having a clipboard each.

Now whenever I need to buy something out of necessity, regardless of what it may be, I want it to be unique and niche (therefore usually expensive) and very pretty. I find internet shopping a great tool to achieve this and so set to work to find the prettiest clipboards out there – only I didn’t really have much luck with this apart from coming across a few scrapbook clipboards people had made.

So that’s where Fimo comes in, it just suddenly popped into my head when I imagined what a clipboard with a decorative plaque on it would look like.

Fimo is so easy to use, sometimes you have to work it with your hands for a while to make it suitably malleable but they’ve brought out a ‘soft’ version since my childhood days of modelling with my dad so there’s really not that much effort involved – only pure artistic flair!

When you’ve finished your masterpiece just pop it in the oven for around half an hour at just over 100 ◦C .

After my plaques were complete I used the power of araldite to adhere them to plain plastic clipboards (I also found it helped to rough up the surface a little first using sandpaper, or if you don’t have any, a nail file!)

The clipboards went down a storm and I have since made more for new members of staff, and staff who have left take them with them when they go.

There are many beautiful (and complex) beads to be created using fimo. However, you can make really cool marble effect beads quickly and easily by simply squishing two colours together – and using a knitting needle to create the thread hole.

Let me know if you try any Fimo creations, I’d love to see pictures!

Be inspired,


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