Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Oooooh Love to Laminate baby

Okay, I totally admit it, I'm ADDICTED to laminating. I work in childcare, so yes its a useful addiction to have but an addiction all the same. I bought my laminator quite cheaply about 6 months ago and its been really useful, I have actually used it A LOT.

So anyway, my point, if you're forgetful and unorganised as I am (and I believe all you artistic minded people are) why not make yourself a wipe-clean message board! I literally just cut out lettering from my junk mail and rubbish (only felt a teeny bit like a stalker) stuck it onto plain A4 and laminated it. Hey presto!

I made one for my room at work ;

Loved it so much I made one for home too!

Seriously they're great - and I'm not just trying to find stuff to laminate...and did you know, you have to be over 17 to buy a laminator? Yes I got ID'ed - oh the shame.

Be inspired,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love list making too and laminating your own is a great idea.
It's so funny that you got carded!