Monday, 28 June 2010

A REAL charity shop

I must admit I a bit of a charity shop addict, but recentely they have been letting me down left right and centre. I just don't really think the average old biddy knows what the, shall we say 'street value' of a lot of items are - but let's not get started on a great big rant because I do try to avoid that on here (one of the many reasons for my spasmodic posting!)

Aaaaaanyhoo... the little spot of paradise where my parents live seems to me to have, what I call REAL charity shops, in its vicinity;

this lot, cost me £2.98, that's right - and those suitcases were 99 english pence each! - but it's really not just about the price, because obviously I realise it's all for a good cause. It's just the sheer volume of quality items that they seem to have in comparison to my local treasure troves, basically, you don't have to work quite so hard to find a real gem item (which in all honesty, simply appeals to my lazy side)

Anyway, my plan for those suitcases is for crafty storage and the jar is going to be for either sugar or pasta I haven't decided yet....also, I have decided, my NEXT post WILL include a picture of the infamous craft corner, no more beating around the bush.
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Megan said...

Mr Ben shop or Aberaeron? x

Alice said...

No the big one by the train station in Aberyswth, I didn't manage to visit Mr Ben this time! x