Friday, 6 August 2010

Home is where the heart is...or should be

Whilst staying with my parent's in Wales a couple of months ago, we went to the beach (it's kind of half pebble beach and half sandy beach.) We played a game just looking at the smooth flat pebbles that came in all sorts of size/shape variations and, kind of like that looking in the clouds game tried to find shapes that reminded us of things. We found a bunny rabbit shape which also could have been an axe, a gun...orrrr a penis! (what is this crazy connection between rabbits and phallic symbols?...very disturbing) and a perfect kidney bean shape which my dad painted a smile onto.
I also picked four smooth, similiar sized, circular or oval stones to make lettered stepping stones from, my inspiration being this delightfully shabby chic Laura Ashley sign.

I have now made a little windowsill display comprising of these, my giraffe statue and an oil burner! random, but I like it, and it's these little personal touches that make a house feel like home. Funnily enough though this house doesn't feel nearly as much like home as the house in that beautiful corner of the welsh coast where my parents are - and I've never even lived there! but hey ho! you can't win 'em all and I'm definately working on it.

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