Monday, 17 January 2011


My friend and I MIGHT be painting a mural in my spare room, It hinges on permission from my (rather straight laced) partner, aaaand being able to get an image projector from somewhere. I am extreeeeeemly excited about the prospect of this, so excited in fact that I rather want to go and start splatting paint around in there now. Who needs shitty wall decos 'ey? nope, not me...I am an arteeeEEEst!
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KimmyB said...

It will be AAAAAAAAAAa-mazing. 2 arteeessts alone with paint brush, wall and paint?!!!!

Alice said...

and pepino blasting from the stereo? I'm literally wetting myself with dad always used to do amazing ones when I was little, we had a flower fairy in the living room, spot the dog in my bedroom and michelangelos sistine Chapel cherubs on our bathroom wall!!! xx