Monday, 28 December 2009

The Running Man, The Fish and the Paintpot

Sounds like a good name for a pub! 
Whilst I'm in Wales nestled cosily in the bosom of my family home. Ha!
I have spotted here and there, a few little things I've made over the years, I did hope to see some of my childhood salt dough creations adorning the christmas tree, but alas! they are no more. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my past M.A.D's and the story behind them.

The running man

A school art project to convey movement and speed based on the Unique Forms of Continuity in Space sculpture by Umberto Boccioni. I rather think instead of conveying speed, he looks more like he's trudging through a snowstorm in slow motion but there ya go! Underneath all that plaster of paris and black and gold paint is a power ranger bought in a charity shop! Somewhere there are photos of the whole process but their wherabouts eludes me entirely.

The fish

A slightly more traditional creation, made from clay, colour-glazed then fired, I still remember making each individual scale! He's lost a fin or two and been repaired over the years, If you look closely you can see that big crack in his little fishy tail. Here he is a fish out of water beside Mydr (the stream running through my parents garden).

The paintpot

 A little boredom project I remember doing; a glass jar decorated with stained glass window effect paints intended as a paintbrush holder, the idea was not to use the same colours next to each other which is why, despite my efforts to mix new shades, there are quite a lot of blank spaces! I think it adds to the overall effect though...

I'll let you know if I come across any more of my past M.A.D's dotted around my parents home!

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Sean said...

Nice post Ally. I have photos of the salt dough creatures btw. I'll send them to you.