Thursday, 24 December 2009

M.A.D Christmas

Okay so I didn't make my own cards this year, mainly because I'm rubbish. Last year though, I did a very simple design; black card, folded, with a square of red or navy foam which I stuck a little green with white polka dots christmas tree to. There were simple but cute.
 Even though I didn't make my own I did receive a few very cool M.A.D christmas cards, a few of my favourites were; one from my friend Adele, which was handmade with a photo of us on the front (a photo of us with balloons sellotaped to our heads being idiots no less)! if you're reading Adele - Love You! I also received a card from Alice Melvin which I was quite impressed by - it was a plain tree to decorate with little Alice Melvin stickers! and last but not least, a polar bear outline beautifully decorated with the scribbles of a little boy from my nursery! I'm sorry I don't have pictures of these but I'm currently iced in in the depths of West Wales far far away from my own house and christmas card collection. 

Meanwhile I thank all my loyal followers for sticking with me in the process of setting up this blog. Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and remember, christmas is a great time to add to your card and general crafty resources collection - my 'mother in law to be' was kind enough to save for me a few glittery beaded leaves that came off her swanky set of crackers. Also high on the list are; chocolate tins, pretty napkins (I'll show you a M.A.D for these in the new year!) and of course reams of pretty ribbons, bows and wrapping paper from your copious amounts of prezzies!

Any hoo, any handmade cards or other crimbo make and do's - share share!

Merry Christmas!

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