Friday, 12 February 2010

I ♥ lino

Can you ACTUALLY believe it's nearly Valentines day already? It doesn't seem like Christmas was more than a week or two ago! My how time flies, it is also my birthday on the 17th and I will be in Sweden (not to celebrate my birthday but on a uni field trip.) So I am vair excited right now!

Well, I thought as it's Valentines day I'd share with you my recent experimentation with lino cuts; I bought the lino tile and lino knife just from an ordinary art shop, warmed it using a hairdryer before using a stanley knife to cut the section I wanted and then began to dig! I had great fun and I remember doing one in art at school - it was an african style giraffe picture. I may be able to find this somewhere in the recesses of my attic to show you at a later date.

I do realise this is a very simple design but I think it makes a great appliqué for a valentines card. I do still have some lino left so watch this space. I'm thinking of carving out some more elaborate, circus style lettering for my next batch of business cards.

Have a great Valentines day whatever you do!
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