Saturday, 13 February 2010

Make a Mosiac

I have had lots of fun creating this little mosaic using flickr. It was actually kind of a game I found out about on one of the blogs I read, the rules can be found here.

Here's the photo information (the fact that there are two by the same person/featuring the same girl, was a pure accident, I just liked the pictures and honestly didn't even realise until I'd finished the weird is that? and as I result I read a few of of her ramblings, took a liking to her, and discovered her blog!)

1. Cotton & Alice, 2. 064.365 ~ "I know, I know...It's simply awful like this. I know, I know...Noone EVER listens to the fish.", 3. I bought a ticket to the world (processed with free ACR / LR presets), 4. Call me! ♥, 5. Ripples at Sunrise, 6. Soap, 7. Dreamstone, 8. Day 196 - Copycat, 9. 146.365 ~ .she's electric.

Now I want to go smash up some tiles and plates and make a real mosaic! Eeeeeeeeee!
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