Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Love to Link

Image thanks to Darwin Bell

Here goes guys, my first ever crafty links post!

Ever thought of using something a bit different as your artists medium? this guy has used pomegranate juice as ink with rather sucessful results. Tea bags are good too, I seem to remember using them to give paper that old effect.

Also I've been scouring the charity shops for the perfect old man shirt to try this out on for waaay too long now...

Not Martha has the brains behind making your own bath bombs, perfect if you're a fan of the shop Lush like me!

Also I've mentioned it before, but CraftFail is a seriously funny site. you'll never feel bad about trying and failing again, at the moment it has a good few halloween horrors and crying children to offer - oh dear...

And finally, does anyone remember this programme? I LOVED it as a child, where are they now I wonder?

Any thoughts? Links to share?

Have fun!
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