Monday, 9 November 2009

Magazine Coaster

Hi Hi, and a Happy Monday to you! I thought I'd share something I made to go on my desk to stop me making mug rings all over my naaice uni books! Yeah, right; more like a procrastination technique to stop me having to do any actual uni WORK.

I know we all love scrap-crafts, so dig out an old magazine and flick through til you find a page which catches your eye.

I used an existing coaster as a template, but of course you can just measure it to the size and shape you want. Pick another piece of paper from your magazine and cut it slightly larger so it acts as a border or mounting paper if you like. Then mount the whole thing again on plain coloured card (I used black.)And then of course, my favourite bit; LAMINATE! Hey Presto! Your own scrap magazine coaster. Now to get back to WORK, safe in the knowledge that I'm not making rings all over it!
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