Sunday, 17 January 2010

Strike a pose...

Hello my little Mashuga nuts,

I have been vair busy with the old university working, but, have managed to fit in one guest post, over at Make and Takes - which I think you'll agree is an absolute gold mine for us crafty types. I also managed to fit in a little bit of framing of some magazine bits I've collected towards the 'wall of frame' - yes my elusive craft corner. It is nearly there but I can't show to you until it's perfect and I still have two more frames to fill - one of which is MASSIVE so I'm abit stuck as to how to fill it...By the way I totally understand why framers charge so much - NOT an easy job my friends, mounting and measuring and arrrrggghh! Anyway - when I think back to those hideous frames I picked up in good old Wot Not, I think I deserve some kind of prize for the new lease of life I've given them.
Vogue cover - This was the front cover of a special edition pull-out inside December's copy of Vogue - don't get me wrong I don't but Vogue every month - I actually think it's a little too heavy on the adverts. So really I just wanted that retro vogue pull out!
Jean Louis David - This is a French hairdressering chain, I have had the priveledge of a JLD haircut and have been besotted ever since, this is the cover of a promo mag my sister brought me back from Milan.
Prada - Okay I'm aware I'm starting to appear quite the label whore, I promise you I'm not. This was another promo mag but it has a faux leather effect cover (who could resist?) I spotted it in a store whilst busy pretending I could afford Prada in Vegas
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